Appartamenti vacanza in edificio storico

Holiday farmhouse in historic building

Farmhouse with panoramic views of Montepulciano.

Holiday farmhouse in Montepulciano

The agriturism is situated close to the Godiolo farm, south of the Martiena road, and offers a wonderful view over Montepulciano.
The house is composed by three apartments with separate entrances, two of the apartments were used by the servants to the noble family Smaghi and the third one called “the Villa” was used as a summer residence.

Farmhouse in historic villa in Montepulciano

The building is architecturally very interesting since it is built on a slope and the two small apartments are in fact the ground for the Villa.

Welcome in an ancient renovated villa

During the recent restoration of the house some antique relics were found, for example an old masculine door that probably is a remain from an ancient temple for pagan rituals.
Nearby the house a tunnel was found
excavated in the sandstone mountain
that leads to a room that probably
is an old grave chamber.

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