Montepulciano Farm

Montepulciano Farm

Farm in Tuscany

The establichment lies on the central part of one of the most ancient vine and olive growth sites which used to supply the city of Montepulciano.

The vineyards of the Nobile di Montepulciano

The vines: of the company are characterized by:

– around 2,50 hectares of vineyards more than 40 years oldm with blackthorn, canaiolo and violet clones which enrich the nobile wine they produce. The blackthorn clones enhance the delicacy and fruity taste of the wines. On the other hand the presence of malvasia and trebbianino, locally known as “pulcenculo” enriches and renders unique the quality and aroma of the “Vin Santo di Montepulciano”, still produced with the method handed down by our ancestors;

– around 3,00 hectares of newly established vineyards. A selection of the best clones of sangiovese produced after the 90’s has been carefully chosen, seeking a low production in favour of product quality. The soll is composed of sit-sit and clay, and sand, rich in remains from the Pliocene, which favours the production of a full-bodies wine.

The ideal soils for a very full-bodied red wine.

Extra virgin olive oil

The Olives: even though the shootsof the olives in the farm renew constantly, their root system “ceppaia” dates back to the XVII century. In the past a system of terraces allowed an intensive land use of the cultivated parts where olives, vines and grain were grown together. At present the farm’s olive grove still grows on these terraces. Also linked with the past is the wide variety of olives present (oriolo, corregiolo and lecino) which greatly contribute to determine the quality of the olive obtained.

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